A Guide to Choosing the Right Furniture for Fitted Bathrooms in Burton-upon-Trent

walk in showerA fabulous design feature for many bathrooms, fitted bathroom furniture can bring structure and storage to a previously cluttered space. With its sleek, clean lines and coordinated looks, it’s easy to see why it’s popular in so many households in the Burton-upon-Trent area.

Quality bathroom furniture, a range in a high gloss white finish with chrome handles, is sold in the UK by a few different suppliers. Ranges like this are simple but striking: they’ll go with any accessories and decoration you choose but still look good in their own right. Maybe you are upgrading the whole room, or are looking to install a new shower room, wet room or mobility bathroom, we can help and advise you for any situation.

If you’re struggling to know what items of bathroom furniture to choose, begin by thinking about how you use your bathroom. A vanity unit is a standard piece and, in ranges like the Windsor, comes in a few sizes so you can go for the one that best suits you.

If you have a small bathroom, you’ll need to stick to a smaller vanity unit, but if you’ve a little more space, you could opt for a wider basin area, or go all out and choose two basins, each with their own mirrored cabinet above. Allowing two people to use the bathroom at once, this could reduce the pressure on a rushed work-day morning, or make personal grooming into a social experience in the evening.

Cabinets also come in a range of sizes: you can choose floor level storage units in different widths or cabinets that are mounted higher on the wall, out of reach of children or in easier reach for members of the household who might have difficulty bending to a floor level cabinet. We are happy to advise of the options available for you in the Burton-upon-Trent area.

Tall cabinets are a boon if you have a lot of items to store: keep your daily use items at easy reach height, and store bulkier items that you don’t need to access every day high up in the cabinet, or low down near the floor. These marvellous pieces of bathroom furniture take up very little floor space, but their height has a tardis-like effect on their interior capacity.

A WC unit is useful for finishing off a fitted bathroom: it hides out of sight your concealed cistern and associated pipework so that only the fitted toilet bowl is on show. This brings a sleek look to your bathroom design, but still allows for ease of access for future maintenance work on your toilet cistern.

To ensure that your bathroom is usable once it’s been fitted, you should leave a 600mm gap for user access to both your basin and toilet, and 700mm alongside your bath. Of course, if there’s only one person using the bathroom at once, these gaps can overlap.
If you’re not sure how your bathroom layout will pan out in practice, try drawing outlines of your intended bathroom furniture in chalk on the floor and walls and walking round and through the ‘new’ room. This will help you have more confidence in your planned design – or spot any flaws.

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